Using Botanical art to support our environment

Photo of the opening exhibition at the U.S. Botanic Garden

Panorama of the opening reception at the U.S. Botanic Garden for the BAEE Exhibition. See our full set of images from the reception on Flickr.
You can also click on the slide show link on our Photos page.

Karen's Spiderwort painting

Tradescantia virginiana (spiderwort)
© Karen Ringstrand

We've Earned More Awards!

The BAEE book and this website have earned more awards. Our latest awards are announced on the blog at See all our newest and earlier awards on our Awards page.

Spring 2015 Classes

A workshop and a six-week course are scheduled for the Spring: Botanical Art: Composition and Watercolor. Course description and registration information is available on our Classes page. The instructors will be Bonnie Driggers and Ruth Ann Barr.

Fall 2015 Class

Anne-Marie Evans returns to Falls Church, Virginia this Fall to teach another class on botanical art. Course description and registration information is available on our Classes page.

BAEE's Social Media Connections

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The Book Project

The Botanical Artists for Education & the Environment (BAEE) created a book of original paintings and drawings of native plants. Any profits generated by the sale of this book will be donated to charities working on native plant education, conservation, and horticulture. Download the publisher's flyer (2.8 Mb .pdf).

Order the Book

Updated 2015 - Book business card

The BAEE book, American Botanical Paintings: Native Plants of the Mid Atlantic is available from Books. For both retail and wholesale orders from the publisher, go to More information is on our Order Book page.

Interested in Purchasing the Art Shown in the Book?

To purchase the art shown in the book and exhibition, you may email us at email hidden; JavaScript is required and we will forward your inquiries to the individual artists. In addition, some artists have contact information listed in the biography section of the book. Some paintings and drawings are available for sale and some may not be. Artists may have high-quality giclée prints available.

Watercolor painting of a yellow wood poppy

Stylophorum diphyllum (yellow wood poppy) © Bonnie S. Driggers

Exhibition at the Athenaeum

The Botanical Art Society of the National Capital Region (BASNCR) sponsored an exhibition, "Preserving Our Heritage: Native and Heirloom Plants", at the Athenaeum in Alexandria, Virginia, from November 13, 2014 through January 4, 2015. For more information about the Athenaeum see Welcome to the Athenaeum | NVFAA.

On December 26, 2014, the Washington Post wrote a nice review of the Athaneum exhibit. The review mentioned several pictures by BAEE members (Esther Carpi, Mary Page Hickey, Lee Boulay D’Zmura, and Bonnie Driggers).

"…But Esther Carpi’s red beet, Mary Paige Hickey’s Christmas fern and Lee Boulay D’Zmura’s radish are no less precisely rendered. And if there’s one thing that encapsulates the subtlety of these pictures, it’s the yellow of Bonnie S. Driggers’s wood poppy — soft and pale, yet as memorable as any shriek of red or black."

Washington Post, December 26, 2014

On Saturday, November 22, 2014 BASNCR member and BAEE Board Member Eileen Malone-Brown gave a presentation discussing plants in the BAEE book, Native Plants of the Mid Atlantic, with suggestions on how these plants may be used in local gardens. FREE.

Bonnie Driggers Elected to ASBA Board of Directors

Photo of Bonnie Driggers

Bonnie Driggers

Bonnie Driggers, a long-time member of the American Society of Botanical Artists (ASBA), was elected to their Board of Directors in 2014. She is a member of the Botanical Artists of the National Capital Region (BASNCR), President of the Botanical Artists for Education & the Environment (BAEE), and Editor of the BAEE book American Botanical Paintings: Native Plants of the Mid Atlantic.

Helpful Resources

Botanical Artists for Education & the Environment (BAEE) is a nonprofit corporation established for botanical artists centered in the Washington, D.C., area. Through classes and projects we hope to improve our botanical illustration skills, while at the same time supporting the efforts of others in preserving our natural environment in which, as botanical painters, we take a particular interest.

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